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W6R2 - Barely managed it


I think life’s getting the better of me right now. I’ve got no energy, no motivation, no concentration and apparently no stamina.

I’ve got various stresses and anxieties going on that I won’t bore you with again but as a result I’m completely run down and generally just feeling weak and vulnerable.

I struggled with Monday’s run and I struggled even more with today’s. This one was the two 10-minute blocks and I’ve already done a harder run than that so I know I *can* do it but today it pretty much finished me off.

I did not feel up to it and within the first minute of running I was starting to have difficulties. My legs were heavy, my chest was tight and I just wanted to stop.

But I powered on somehow, I think driven purely by my refusal to fail at this. It was a very long 10 minutes, I hated every second and I have no idea how I finished it. The walk was of course way too short and I felt like screaming when it ended.

But I ran anyway, because I had to and I wasn’t going to let myself not run. The food news is the second block was a little easier, only very slightly, but I noticed it and I was grateful. Of course, when I found out I still had 5 minutes to go I wanted to break down and scream again, but I internalised it and kept running, very very slowly.

Eventually it ended and I did the walk and I didn’t feel like I’d achieved anything. I didn’t get the post-run high I immediately get. I didn’t feel like doing it anytime soon. I just felt like I’d barely survived and I wanted to go home.

So I don’t know what to do about Friday. I don’t know how I’m going to manage a full 25 minutes without breaks. With all that’s going on I really don’t feel like I have it in me.

What do I do? Attempt it and fail and feel bad about it? I’m wondering if I should go back a little and repeat week 5 to get my stamina back up. I definitely don’t want to stop running and I’m happy to drag these 9 weeks out as much as I need to.

What do you think?

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Well done getting through that one

Attempt and fail are antonyms, it’s not possible to do both. Your legs and body are ready... you can do 25... think positive. If you can’t quite complete, that’s still a useful workout, and you’d get it the time after.

Thanks I guess I can try it but I just don’t see it happening. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a great Friday and get the spark back just in time...

This is exactly me on runs 2-3 !!! Hated it. I love your description!! Ok .

Please do not be disheartened. Those are the WORST runs of c25k. Please please read other people's posts!!!

Run3 is soooooo much better. Yes you can do it! That was breaking point for me. I read lots here, got some courage back and made some changes.

Primarily switched to a podcast i enjoy listening to (i hated the music...) so i'm distracted from the run and the breathing and how much longer i have... (i listen to comedy and laugh too! 2nd: start slow and steady. And continue at this pace till the end.

You absolutely really can do it. Don't give up, Don't go back to any other tun. You will see that at this point, running continuously is actually easier (!) It is a wise program.

Go out there without expectations but i guarantee you will nail it! And we are all here to cheer you on! We know exactly how you feel!!!

Thanks I definitely don’t plan on giving up ever. I’m just feeling a bit down and defeated right now, I know I need to push on through but I just don’t know if I have a solid 25 minutes in me right now. I guess it’s worth a try but I’ll be disappointed if I don’t manage it.

I love doing everything to music, working, writing and definitely running. Only issue with that is you sort of have a sense of time passing when one song ends and another begins, I’ve had a much better time when I have absolutely no idea how much time has passed.

Anyway, guess I’ll just have to see what happens.

From the moment you switch to continuous running, all you need is a tracker (strava, endomondo, etc) to alert you according to time/distance lapsed. plus your music/audio. So you don't have to think!

Search for w6 in the topics and read others' experiences. I promise you are not alone.

You CAN do 25 mins.

Midway through the program, it's mind over matter. Your body can, YOU need persuading. ☺


Well done on pushing through.

Why not have a longer break between runs. If you are new to this it can be demanding.

Thanks, I’ll see how I feel. I could always push it back to Saturday but generally I’ve been loving the Monday-Wednesday-Friday structure, with the whole weekend to recover after that final big run.

Right up until this week I’ve had a great time with it. There’s a lot going on right now, I just need to get back on top of things and get my energy back up.

I did week 6 run 2 tonight too and I have to say well done on completing when you were finding it a struggle! I'll be doing run 3 on Friday too and always go into a step up thinking I probably won't finish it...and feel really good when I surprise myself and get to the end. Just keep going. Friday's run might be much better than today's, especially if the wind dies down. We've come this far (and I didn't expect to stick with it). Good luck ☺

Aww PM, sounds like you’re not having a good time. But hey, even feeling like you did, you still completed the run. 👏

Those two W6 runs are demons. You’ll most probably find R3 easier. Yes, it’s 25 minutes and you’ll most likely need to slay a few gremlins at the start, but settle into a lovely slow rhythm and see what happens. Bet you’ll surprise yourself.

Please don’t be down. W6 is a trying week - most of us who've done it would agree (I do!), but it’s doable. You just need a nice run to pick your spirits back up. R3 could be that run! 😀😀

Good luck. 💪 You CAN do it, ok? 😀


Sending you virtual hug {🏃‍♀️}

Seems like you are having a rotten time at the mo but persevere you are doing a grand job x


Hi, I’m just behind you and like you I have various things going on in my life causing problems but actually they’re my motivation for doing this (just to kick all the bad stuff in the teeth), anyway I feel your pain!

I do quite a lot of sport but still get tired, I actually take BCAAs 30 minutes before I exercise and this gives me a bit of a boost, might be worth you trying? Also I’ve started doing a few minutes relaxation before my run-do you have the headspace app? I have the free version and it seems to be helping calm me down before I go out. Re the music and the sense of time I absolutely get that it kind of marks that you’ve done a specific length of time, is there any classical music you like? Something bold sounding? I say this as you won’t get the standard 3 minute track issue. As someone who nearly gave up this week I say please keep going , we can beat our demons, I’m only one run behind you so I’m looking forward to your next posts. You can do it!

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