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Who/where is Laura?????

Hi, I'm quite new to c25k (starting wk 3) and I'm loving the forum - and the running, which is a surprise to me! For the first five walk/runs I was listening to Jo Wiley on the app and really enjoying it until she suddenly stopped talking to me 😢. I have now downloaded an app on my daughters Ipod thinking it would be "Laura" that everyone talks about but I think its just a voice with no name. ........... Have I downloaded the wrong thing?

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I was also wondering about this. I have Sarah Milligan!


Laura features on these podcasts

You can download them and play them like a music track.

The app give you the choice of 4 different voices + the option to play your own music.


Ah, thank you very much Noclue. You will need to change your name now - you obviously do have a clue!


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