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Week 8 done but still need motivation

Hi all,

I've been rather absent from this forum for a few weeks I must admit, I unexpectedly took a short break from C25K for 2 weeks or so due to some bad news in the family and I had to go back up to mum dad's to focus on other things. I came back home after a week and a half and had lost all motivation, but forced myself to re-do the week I had completed before I left (6 or 7... I cant remember which). It went OK but after that I haven't been as religious with my one rest day between and it's actually ended up being 3 sometimes 4 between runs. I completed week 8 yesterday which went well, I was tired but no more so than any other run I've done and I completed it so it obviously wasn't impossible for me. I just can't help but feel like it doesn't feel as good as I thought it would. Before the family issue I was running religiously and even though it was hard I felt amazing after each run and was looking forward to moving on to the next week. I don't know why but I now feel like the runs are a chore and I'm doing them because if I don't I feel guilty. Maybe it's because I'm so close to the end and there aren't more weeks to strive for? (I know after graduation it's ideal to work on your 5k timing, but perhaps it's the repetitiveness I'm worried I'll be bored of). The family issue is on my mind constantly also and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips to give me that spark back with running. I always hated running before, so realistically I'm super proud of myself for being able to run for 28 minutes non-stop, I struggled with 60 seconds at the beginning so it proves it's not the programme that's not right, I think it's just my mentality. I'm so close to the end and I'd hate for my own bogged down mind to not be as grateful to graduate as I'd have hoped it would have 10-11 weeks ago.

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Nobody knows you better than yourself. We all have our ups and downs, sometimes it is life circumstances, other times it is injury or just plain old laziness. What matters is to go through that door and make that first step. Occasionally I had to struggle not to quit when running from first minute to the last, but never I felt it was waste of time. Somebody said before that those runs that you struggled with the most leave best feeling after they are done.

Focus on long term goal and take one run at the time. Each one matters.

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Since I don't know what your family issues are, the only advice I can give is to look on the running as a time away from the problems, to clear your head. Maybe try to concentrate on the running itself or the music or your breathing in a sort of meditation. Also, as you get fitter, you will be more able physically to cope with what life is throwing at you.

I'm not over the moon about running as an exercise myself, it is mostly the easiest thing to fit into my life at the moment and the main point of it is to get fit. And you're running for 28mins! Without stopping! 30mins is frankly nothing on top of that (speaking as someone who really struggled with Week 7 and has just done Week 9 run 1).

There is the Bridge to 10k forum for after graduation and you still get to hang out here :-) If you need company on your runs, think about joining a local club or maybe enter a race to give the runs a purpose.

Keep heading out there and hopefully things will fall into place.


HI Kirsty,

Sorry to hear you have had some bad news, and that you have lost motivation with your running.

I think maybe your family problems are preying on your mind and you can't quite feel the satisfaction and self confidence that succeeding at a run gives.... Running is something you are working at for yourself, for your own wellbeing. Give yourself permission to work towards your goal (graduation) again. You have worked hard to get to this level and after graduation, running does not become boring believe me, there are lots of options and different things to experiment with and try. You will have running in your life and will enjoy the freedom that can give you, without any guilt about missing runs.

Good luck with the rest of the c25k plan, three more runs to graduation.You can do it... 🏃

Keep posting if it helps. Take care.x

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