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Patience is most definitely a virtue!

Just a very quick update from me to say that I am most definitely on the IC with poorly ankles. Obviously I tried to run again too early this week, and have paid the price. Can't dance either. Going in a straight line is OK, but spins most definitely are not.

So I am being good, icing and elevating etc and trying to be patient, but finding it incredibly frustrating. Ankles seem better after weekend and stairs are much easier(!), but the acid test will be the working week as I have to walk between buildings sometimes. My parents are visiting too in a few days' time for 6 days so I have pretty much decided not to to do any formal exercise until they have gone home, then see how I am. Will probably drop to about Week 3 and build from there when I am OK to go again. I'm not giving up - I will graduate one day!

Till then, happy running to those of you not sidelined, and a speedy recovery to those who are on the IC with me.

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For the Ankles, there is SO Much that can be done to help !!

>> The R.I.C.E. Program

>> Various: -Wraps -Supports -Shoes/Boots

>> Many Therapy Exercises CAN be done In company of others,

AND WITHOUT the Others Noticing !!

>> Check/Correct your Stride

(IF I can hear you coming, you ARE Running WRONG !!)

**Sample Exercises**

-Backwards Leg Lift


-Ankle Sways

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A patient, Patient is the thing to be. Poor you :(

You are being sensible...many of us have at some point ignored our twinges etc, to our cost!

You can do strengthening, upper body exercises and simple stretches and flexes to keep yourself supple, making sure you do not put any pressure on those ankles.

Plan some routes, and enjoy the time with your folks:)

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