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Patience is not my virtue.


Half marathon training update:

It's simply not happening. I can't tell you how gutted I am. I am actually quite tearful and don't know what to say. I am trying hard to be patient and let my muscle recover. I am trying to do other stuff instead but it's not the same.

I did a 30 minute run yesterday after a weeks rest from running. It was not great but not a disaster; stiff initially and tight, but it did get better toward the middle. I was planning on gently bringing my time up again until I reach 10k and then try to do one longer run again a week. But then after the run I had to do a lot of walking because of an olympic visit and today it is really tight and I am aware of it when I walk and I'm not convinced that I will be able to run tomorrow. I don't know whether I should keep trying and just run at a much slower pace or not to run at all.

Please can you all keep your fingers crossed for me.

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Fingers crossed!!

I don't recall reading if you've injured yourself? When is your half marathon? I'm pretty sure if you're gentle with your running, then you can slowly ease it up to longer distances.

I've just had a week off running because of a niggling pain in my shoulder & upper arm which seems to have been triggered by running. First run back this morning and it was tough to reach 30 minutes; but pretty sure that'll ease up as I go.

TJFlute in reply to mrqwest

Thanks for this Mrqwest. I think it started by not stretching after race for life (15th July) I rested two days and did a 5k; stiff but not too bad. Then did a six mile run two days later; felt quite good. Then unexpectedly found I couldn't run AT ALL two days later. That was just over two weeks ago.

Sorry to hear about your shoulder/upper arm. Hope it does ease up for you.


Hello, just to reassure you I have suffered a really bad injury to my knee, not through running and found myself unable to run for ages, now I'm back. Just take it easy and you will run again. I'm not as experienced as you but just listening to your body always works, and in my experience you will be back faster xxxxxx

TJFlute in reply to debssey

Debssey, it's great to hear that you're back (I just read your blog) and thank you for re-assuring me. I think it is just hard when you don't know the best thing to do, so I will listen to my body and while I wait for things to improve I will try to like swimming a bit more!


It sounds like you maybe did injure yourself at the race for life and it's still a bit stiff. I would continue running just at low intensity and see how it goes, plus lots of stretching and maybe use an ice pack or a support band if you feel you need to. Of course I'm no doctor and you'll know yourself if something doesn't feel right.

I hope you get back on track soon, it can be very frustrating!

I'm starting to worry about my fast approaching HM too. I haven't done a run longer than 10k in 2 weeks but I'm going to attempt my first 10miler this weekend.

TJFlute in reply to Rose885

Rose this is good advice; I think i'll try to keep it ticking over at a gentle pace and keep in check how it's feeling before I push the distance, although I think it will be at least a week or two~ luckily the HM isn't until September 23rd so I've got a bit of time.

Good luck with your 10 miles this weekend~ I'll look out for your blog.

gypsydeppGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Hi there TJ. Isn't it awful?

Have just blogged re returning from groin injury only to break my toe on a shopping trolley yesterday. 6 weeks out apparently.

Weights and rowing at the gym for me til end of september. Gutted :(

TJFlute in reply to gypsydepp

A shopping trolley? No way!? I saw one of those tip over in a car park with a child inside it once; it was not a pretty sight. Well, at least we'll find out what is the best way to keep fit when not running:) I have just been for a swim and did a lot of treading water; my son assures me it's really good for fitness. It certainly wore me out that's for sure and I'm feeling a bit happier within myself.

gypsydeppGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Keep in touch TJ.

I can't swim yet, toe too painful, but good luck to you.

Might even have to start program from scratch in september !


Sorry to hear you have been out the game for a while that's rubbish.

Take it slow, keep it loose and looked after (massage time?) it might come good faster than you think.

Worst comes to the worst there are loads of half marathons, only one you. But long way from that yet.

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