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Am I being a wimp???

I've done my first Parkrun and since then more 5k runs/walks using 5k+ podcast. I've had a cold which always sets off asthma...I'm walking way more than I would like, but my breathing isn't great. Do I need to push through or just take time on the couch to recover? I always find that it takes 2 or 3 weeks for the asthma to return to normal after a cold. The 5k+ podcast is pushing my natural pace so I am running faster!

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There is nothing wrong with walk breaks in a run. Sometimes we need them. Sometimes they let us go further, or even faster.

Of course, if you're feeling unwell a few days off running will do your body good.


Actually that all sounds pretty positive to me ☺

Run walks are fine! Walking breaks are great for ensuring you can complete the distance you've set yourself. The walk break allows your breathing to return to normal, and then you can run on. As you get fitter and stronger you will need fewer breaks

C25k+ podcasts are the bees knees I reckon 😊


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