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Week 3 - breakdown

Hi. Can someone please give me a breakdown of week 3. I don't like listening to the podcast as the music/voice grates on me! I have been using a stopwatch so far to time the running/walking intervals. It looks like week 3 is warm up for 5 mins, 3 mins of running, 90 secs of walking, 3 mins of running and 3 mins of walking. Is this correct? Thank you for reading.

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The weeks are described at the link

Week 3 is one of those weeks where it is probably easier to follow someone telling you when to run and walk. If you don't get on with the podcasts, there are various apps which you can use on your phone with your own music.

Best of luck with it!


The 'Wall chart' is a pinned post, and is here:


I use the NHS podcast and there is no music and there is only talking when prompted to do walk/ run etc. You can also choose who you listen to and there are 4 options. Just thought I would mention it.

However, week three is warm up walk, 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes running and 3 minutes walking repeated once.

Good luck! I'm just about to start week four and it suddenly seem MUCH more challenging with 5 minutes of running!


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