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Finally got the go ahead

Today I got a letter from the ortho consultant, he's given me the go-ahead to restart running all be it gently at first. So I tried a bit of a jog this afternoon,but was totally out of breath after 100m, I know I cycled this morning before the letter came, and I do tend to push it a bit, as the extract below, from my run log app shows,but I thought I'd be fitter as I've lost 6kg as well.

Is it because running is high impact whereas cycling is lower impact.

I know I'd have to go back to week , but I don't think I could run for 60 sec at this time

Extract from run-log

Date:2016-09-19 Distance: 34km 273m Duration:2h 13min 18s

Pace:03:53/km Speed:15.43 km/h Calories:1016 kcal

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That's great that you can start running again. It's bound to be hard as you're using different muscles and it's a different kind of activity. I'm sure the cycling has been helping your core fitness, especially those distances! Perhaps once your body gets used to running again you'll find it easier. Build up slowly and fingers crossed it'll work well for you! :)


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