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One run too far

Well, I was fine, but knee aches left hubby hobbling after second round of running on Week 2 run 2. He is resting up so I will keep on the same run until he is ready. Reading posts, he needs to rest, strengthen his knees and run on grass not concrete.

I have hip ache but otherwise not too bad, most probably because I am still going at a snails pace. Thankfully the seaweed smell was less strong . Thank goodness, it look us 30 minutes to get home!

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I had some achy knees myself and found that stretch and flex exercises helped me so much. I do them on non run days. My issue is when I run there isn't much movement in my knees so they stiffen up but might be worth introducing these exercises - squats, knee lifts etc


Sorry to hear he's aching but it sort of goes with the territory. Maybe he tried to go too fast ☺ he will probably be fine after a day of rest.

Snails pace is absolutely fine!


Get hubby to rest up. Stretches between warm up walk and running sections and also after the run might help. Well done though, you're doing great, slow is definitely the way forward!


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