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week 2 started and extended

Whoops, added an extra 90 sec run into week 2 run 1 as I thought we had 8 runs not 6! We didn't turn around until run 4 and then heard Laura say this is your last run 6! As the rotting seaweed as particularly stomach churning firs thing in the morning we elected to add another run to get past it quickly rather than walk all the way home. We both survived. yeah! Must remember to listen carefully to the podcast when we uplevel.

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Haha! You should be feeling a bit smug then. Sounds like it's going well!


Ha.. oh dear. Yes the good thing about moving up is less runs😊 (they are just a tiny bit longer though lol..)

Good work.. keep going. x


Well you managed it ;) so well done.


Well done! Perhaps seaweed is the key to get us all running further and faster? :)


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