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Week 8 blues

All had been going well...but then I spent a week holidaying in Guernsey! What a beautiful place, lots of hilly coastal walking but only one run all week. Tried to do week 8 run 2 on my return, but failed, my heart just wasn't in it :-( Have now failed twice at continuously running - I stop about half way, for about 30 seconds of walking and then talk my body back into running, but my mind is not happy about it.

Any good ideas for getting back on the mental part of the running wagon?

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I always admire everyone who runs on holiday - awesome feat 😀 We are not allowed to use the F (ailed) word on here so just look at it as a slight blip in an otherwise great C25K 😀 I am not sure stopping for 30 seconds counts as not achieving the run? And i have learned that the the body is important but the mind (which I never expected when I started ) is equally important and sometimes it just doesn't come together.

We all do this for different reasons and I would think about your reasons and focus on why you want to complete the runs and the programme. I found great inspiration on reading other peoples posts on here which has spurred me on knowing that others have felt as crap as me and have used their techniques and tips to get through the tougher runs

Have another go with a positive mindset and go real slow and when you want to stop just go even slower for a while until you find your rhythm again

You can do this 🏃


I really struggled getting my heart into week 8 too, especially at the start of the runs. As I was running I kept thinking about running which, for me, isn't conducive to actually running because I get all negative and think about how tired my legs are.

Get through week 8 somehow, because week 9 is such a buzz!

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Perhaps the change of routine coming back from holiday and day to day work and/or life pressures flood back into your mind.

I'll repeat what I posted to Someone in a similar situation.

When running sometimes I think about what I'm going to do that day or things to sort out ! I run better when I get into thinking about the run and how far I've progressed, like wow I'm over half way or think about things not related to my daily life.

Sometimes I get into a zone think about what other music I could play for my runs in future. Or funny or happy memories from the past drift in. Bit like daydreaming. almost entranced . Or even funny posts put out by contributors to this site. Anything but day to day stuff. Even glancing at the wildlife on the lake distracts me.

I always feel that I run better on a non working day. I say only feel I do because usually I always perform at least as well as my previous run. Again mind over matter again.

After graduating On a run I felt good and did extra half lap of local lake I run which I hadn't planned. Sometimes your progress comes in leaps and bounds. Or sometimes stall.

As others have said take it slowly and don't think too far ahead .Think about how great you feel about what you've achieved so far that you probably thought was impossible. It does get easier I'm now inching towards running 6K. When I started I thought running for 5 minutes was impossible.

People often say "You couldn't run to save your life". In fact for some of us that is exactly what we are doing. Running as in my case to get rid of high blood pressure and possible diabetes. Regardless of health "wake up calls" the time put into running and our health and well being helps us cope with all the other life stuff !



When you think about it, you know you could have run through those 30 seconds and you will. Be relaxed about it. Head out positive. Walking uphill is fabulous training for your legs so you probably did your running a world of good. I think you were just not really in the mood for a run and that happens. Repeat your run with a 30 sec break again if you like for the whole week. Why not? Then come back next week and smash through it. Not long to go now.

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