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Family fit - Today I tell them we are taking part

All three people in my household have different reasons to get fit. One of us for medical reasons, one to prepare for an overseas expedition and me, well I just want to get rid of the flab. I was weighed at the Drs yesterday and was told that I have put on 2STONE from when was last weighed, and to be honest it shows.

So today, following advice, I am about to go downstairs and tell the family that we are all going Couch to 5K. I really want this to happen and I hope they do to, problem is all of us are couch potatoes and given the option we will just say 'We'll go tomorrow - have a sit down'

Wish me luck. B

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What a fabulous idea and you can all support each other. Have you told them yet? 🤔


Good luck, go get em and this will do you all so much good... And enjoy it too!!


If they don't go for it you should still crack on with it. It's the best thing you'-ll ever do 😊

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Sounds like an excellent plan. Hopefully once you get started at least one of you each time will motivate the others. You will feel the benefits immediately and see them pretty soon too. All the best! J


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