Couch to 5K

What happened to the app!?

I've just had to get a new phone, and so I had to replace the app. I couldn't find the old one anywhere so I downloaded the new one.

It's super fiddly to get music playing on it.

There's no Laura!

Worst of all it's crashed during the first two times I've used it. The app stopped, leaving the music and me running. So I have no idea how long I was running for. I have to admit I did swear quite loudly when I checked my phone. Giving the gaggle of dog walkers a bit of a shock.

Does anyone know where I can find the old app? Otherwise I'm back on the podcast and the cheesy music.

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I couldnt get the app to work properly. Soon after I started I was halfway through a run (well jog more to the point) and it just stopped playing. I didnt know how long I had run for or how long I had left so it really threw me. I use the podcast now with good old Laura holding my hand every step of the way.


Perhaps you will find it behind the sofa!😂 If you can't find it at all then download another. But, the apps are known to be unstable and crash, the podcasts are much better..😊


What flavour phone are you? If Android, you'll find the old app under the All tab in your apps list in Google Play.


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