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Knee pain advice

Hey guys!

Tomorrow I am doing run 3 of week 3.

My only issue is I have pain in my left knee when bend it at the moment. To be fair it is bearable so I am considering running.

It hurts quite a lot when going up stairs painful and weak) but walking is very mild pain.

Do you think it is fine to go on the run tomorrow? I do not want to start missing days incase it makes me come off the tracks completely.

Advice from people who know about this kind of stuff or anyone else who has picked up an injury would be very appreciated:)

Thanks xxx

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I'd take an extra day or two off if I were you and then see how it feels. Pain, rather than aches or soreness, is not a good thing. You're at a fairly early stage in C25k so it would be daft to jeopardise the whole shebang and really injure yourself just for the sake of trying to stay 'on track'.

Just my twopenn'orth. Best of luck.


I agree with Jonesycat if you have any pain at all then you shouldn't run on it. Take extra rest days, stretch, ice and if it's not better in a few days then perhaps a visit to a sports physio or your GP would be in order. If the pain goes, then you could try a very slow, gentle trial but stop immediately if you feel any pain. It's really not worth having a long term injury. There is no hurry to get through the runs and presumably this running lark is a long term commitment?


No surprises I agree with the responses you have received. If its pain, rest it. If it's discomfort then continue but take it easy.

Might be worth trying to work our why you are getting the pain. I had this problem at about week 5 and the problem was really down to my shoes. It turned out I overpronate to I needed shoes that gave more support.

The shoes did the trick. Since then (that was a year ago) when my shoes wear out (the support is the bit that wears out, not the sole) the pain starts to return and off I go back to the store!! (£££).

Everybody gets paranoid that missing one session will destroy their ability to run/get off the couch in the early weeks. It is better to rest than to create a long lasting problem.


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