W7 done - thoughts on calories burned and Running watches

Woo hoo w7 first run done today. Go me!!! Sound arrogant? Hope not - just that 7 weeks ago I didn't think I would ever do this or feel the need to achieve it. So feeling good. I ran with Laura today (podcast) for the first time. I've been using the 5k runner app and that only seeks a 20 minute non stop run at w7 so I did a bit of a compromise and did about 22minutes but I may try the 25 mins on Tuesday. Two questions for my experienced running buddies - firstly anyone else using the 5k runner app and also not seeing calories burned? I don't know how to make them appear on my recorded data. Secondly anyone got a view of a FitBit versus other running watches. My non healthunlocked.com friends are using Garmin and talk about the features of being advised if running too fast etc. Would welcome your views if you have time. And thanks so much for all your support for getting me to w7


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4 Replies

  • Have you put your weight, sex etc in yet? That's probably why it's not showing what calories you have burned.

  • Well done you on reaching week 7! Re. watches etc., I have a Garmin f10 which I hated to start with (because it showed me how slow I was) but now I love it as it shows me everything from calories, speed, pace, distance and route and also you can set intervals and see what speed you were going at any point during your run. I can't say how good or bad in relation to other types it is though as I've never tried any others.

  • I asked here too, and got the unanimous answer - Garmin Forerunner 10. Some of the more expensive watches give you more data, but I'm more than happy with it.

  • Not arrogant at all - be proud! It's a great thing to do for yourself :)

    Regarding watches, I have an old Garmin 210 so I'm not much use to you - sorry!

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