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W8r3 done now on to week 9 OMG!

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Can't quite believe I have managed week 8! Eek!

Due to being a morning runner (5am as have to be out and back before hubby goes to work!) and worried about running now it"s getting darker in the mornings, I changed my route last week. The first half is now on a slight incline which I have really noticed, or maybe because it just seems a lot longer on this route and my mind is playing tricks I have had to slow down to an almost walk just to do it. Luckily the 2nd half is all downhill (thank goodness). The old route was around 2.2 miles and the new one around 2.9 as I was also running out of room (LOL excuse the pun there!) to go longer/further.

OMG on to week 9 on Sunday and I am going camping next week so my last week I can hopefully run along the beach which will be a much better view than loads of houses/streets/cars!

Week 9 I'm coming to get you...πŸ˜‹

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Wow well done, especially morning runs. I am also starting week 9 and camping next week. We can do this :-)

Fairydust99Graduate in reply to BigGirlJogging

Good luck too for the last week, and enjoy your camping tooβ›Ί

Wow! Week 9 - good luck and have a great holiday - almost at graduation πŸ˜€


Brilliant, onwards to week 9 !!!!!

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