Couch to 5K

Can I call myself a graduate?!

So I am new here.. I have been on the C25K now for just over 6 weeks.. I started week 5 on 1/8/16, completed first two runs of the week, however was a bit naughty on W5R2 and instead of 2 x8 mins did 1x8 and 1x16 (just to see if I could!) I then completed Tough Mudder half on the saturday! Today was my first run since TM and again wanted to see if I could push myself and completed 1 x 30min jog ( Big smiles all round!)

Should I now just keep up with 30 minutes running or go back to week 6 of the program?

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It's a honesty system , I have to be quite strict that you protect your muscles and joints and that is best if it's done over 9 weeks building up to 3 - 30 min runs. Please be careful as you build up because it takes a lot longer to come back after injury than it does to just slow things down for a couple of weeks.


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