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Help needed using a garmin forerunner 15...doh

Hi there

Am pretty new but finished my W4 r3 today wahoo. Now heading into week 5 and have decided to get out my garmin FR15 which hubby bought for me some months back but I have never used. I'm hoping it will distract me a bit on my W5R3!! Anyway, I feel a bit dim asking but what doed the 'pace' count mean...I mean I know it means kind of how fast you are going but it just says it will say something like 7:00..but what does that mean exactly??

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I don't have a garmin but your pace is how long it takes you to run a km (or mile if that's your settings) so 7:00 would mean you were running a 7 minute km. You don't really need to worry about pace at the moment so I would just use your garmin to measure your time and distance for now and you can work on pace and speed when you graduate. :)

You've done really well to get to the end of Week 4. Week 5 looks scary but trust the programme, it works and you are ready for it. :)


The Garmin is great!! I have the same one! Have you linked it up to your laptop yet? It provides you with lots of great stats on Garmin Connect and you can link it with MyFitnessPal to track your calorie intake and exercise.

Your pace is just the time it took you to do one lap (1 kilometer) this can also be adjusted to miles if you like on your settings. If your watch came with a heart rate monitor you should also use this when you run outside, very helpful to know when you are overtaxing yourself.


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