Don't ignore road signs!

So off I set to do what I thought was a 5k circuit, half way passed a sign showing my home village but for some unknown reason thought there was another way, so carried on until I finally reached 5k, absolutely exhausted and asked a passing cyclist way home only to find it was another 5k in opposite direction! Ouch!! Needless to say I walked the next 5k...lucky it's gorgeous countryside here!

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  • Sounds exhausting but a decent cool down walk!!!!

  • Haha...very funny! You are probably feeling a little bit tired now though.

  • Knackered!!

  • Sorry I shouldn't laugh but it is very funny :-D

  • Laugh away😊

  • Oh Natasha I can soo relate to this ha ha :-D

    Everydays a school day ! :-) xxx

  • I obviously think I know better than road signsπŸ˜‰

  • The scenic route! That is definitely a solid warm down walk 😁

  • Uh oh - bet you're tired tonight!

  • Can't move!

  • Oh dear... that made me smile...:)

    I did similar, a while back... went down to a place, just outside the village, which I thought, led through to a lane, that I thought had a way through... oops, I too, ended up walking back!

    You did get plenty of exercise though.... your run and a walk :) Plus, the bonus of countryside..lucky you :)

  • Love it! πŸ˜‚πŸΈ

  • Yep been there, done that! And - I've meticulously planned a route and then turned right instead of left... doh!

  • Yep been there as well. My sense of direction is legendary. I need a sat nav to get to work.!!!😁 Well done on your run. Rest well. Andy

  • Sorry made me smile too - at least you managed to walk home and didn't have to thumb a lift of phone for help. Think it might have left me in a heap by the roadside πŸ˜€

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