Burning Question Re Lidl Running Sale (and no pun intended) but What do their Running Bra Sizes Mean?

Ok, so I plan to get there by eight o'clock on Thursday. Just to look. But looking at the ad, it says the running bras come in size 10 to 20. I have spent quite a bit of time on Mr Google but have got nowhere. Their size calculator doesn't seem to be working. Either that or my measurements as I put the into it couldn't be interpreted, but am perfectly normal size 36 B/C so don't think is that. Any clue, anyone?


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  • I have one - not sure it's the same as those coming up, but it's basically a bit of bandeaux stretch, in S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc. I wasn't impressed really!!! I'd say H and M do good value ones that do the job, however I don't need much of a job doing as I'm small!!!

  • Thanks, will also look at H&M. Didn't think of them as obvious place for sports wear. Mind you, the ones on Lidl page look a bit more like the reall deal per the photos, so still tempted to resolve the sizing issue!

  • The Lidl gear looks really good, Ive just had a look at the website . What I would say is their sizing can be a bit on the small side , so I tend to go for the next size up. Ive got a couple of tops and leggings from there and they are really good quality and as cheap as chips !

    I'm not sure if misswobble got a bra from either there or Aldi and she said had to take it back as it wasn't up to much, but the tops and leggings are really good and worth getting .

    Happy Shopping ! :-) xxx

  • Ok, thanks for that. Maybe leave the bras to the specialists. Is v important for those of us who need the support!

  • It was the Aldi one which was poor.

    Lidl ones are good quality. Based on small, medium, large and I think that's it. I have 3 of theirs, just pull,on racer back jobs and wear em to death. Wash and wear fine. I do not have much in the chest department though😊

    If you have a serious rack I would get a Shock Absorber one. The high impact H & M ones look rather good too. There is a huge price difference of course with the shock Absorber being serious money and Lidl being cheap as chips. I got a lidl runners under wired bra in the last sale, and it was from their pro range. It looks fab but it rubbed sommat chronic so now I don't run in it, which is a pity.

    Their run tights with matching vest which I wear all the time have never faded or gone baggy. Their capris are my go-to ones. i love them. I notice the current offering will not have a back pocket, which is plain daft! They will have a key pocket in the waistband. Bah!

  • Tried a shock absorber and was a trial getting into it and an injury waiting to happen getting out of it. Interestingly, in Google searches today seems to be the case from Wonderbra website that Shock Abs type bras only recommended for AA to Btype gals. Oh,the joys and perils of research!

  • Shock Absorber has kept my 40E and then 38DD girls very comfortable and unmoving :D They are expensive but once you have been fitted properly (and I buy the first bra from the shop that does the fitting) you can then find much cheaper options on ebay in the exciting colours that no one wanted :D I got them for about £15.

  • Ha ha. I like your strategy! Just shows you can't believe everything you read online as well!

  • There are a lot of leggings around at the moment without back pockets. It's such a shame because they come in really nice colours and patterns, but are totally useless for running, unless I am going further and take my flipbelt. Also, quite a few don't have a tie-cord-thingy around the waist which worries me :D I think they are more for pilates or yoga than running :(

  • It sounds like UK dress sizes, so am guessing they are pull over your head jobs suitable for smaller cup sizes, buy your normal dress size. I guess it depends on whether that level of support works for you.

  • Yes, I Thought that dress, top size might be it. Just seems a bit un scientific compared to the whole bra size thing!

  • I can strongly recommend the decathlon ones. Not the really basic ones but next style up. Like a real bra. Very supportive for an average size person. I am a 36d.

  • Thanks. Is maybe not the best thing to source from Lidl, I now suspect!

  • The over the head ones are hard to get off when you are hot and sweaty. More exhausting than the run! 😊

  • So true. That is the kind of one I have now, and always fear an injury when taking off. The reason I got excited by the Lidl ad is they have, apparently, a front wastening one. Would be bliss!

  • Just had a quick look on their website and Oh my gosh they've got heart rate monitors and a bra that zips up the front and yellow and black capris and socks and golly they match too and oh, there's a nice turquoise top too. Ooh grey, I like the grey but if I get the yellow top, there's a matching bra and....

    I'll be queueing for my graduation ensemble :)

  • Yes, indeed. Happy shopping!

  • I had two Fabbo ones from Marks but as the weight came off they got miles too big for me. I passed them on to a mor well endowed runner. They were £25.99 each! Lidl ones will be a fraction of that but the quality will be as good

    The back pocket, waist pull cords, ankle zips are disappearing of all makes of tights, even the expensive ones. I have had a go at Nike about it. I think we need to tell em what WE want😊

  • Yes, memory coming back of a colleague who said Marks do a front fastening one!

  • I have a front fastening one from M&S which is great once I'm into it - but getting it fastened can be challenging. Decathlon are my goto ones though I tried their new ones with the funny plasticy lining (by jumping up and down inside the changing room) and decided they weren't providing enough support.

  • Will investigate Decathlon too. Thanks!

  • You do need to try on the Decathlon ones though - as cut and support seem to vary a lot. I wouldn't risk mail order.

  • I have the sports bra that Lidil's where selling earlier in the year, I find it offer very good support for my now ample Rack ( as my American friend says) I got it a size to small so it's slightly tight but not restrictive, It also has neoprene cup inserts and is very comfortable to run in. Their Capri running pant are also excellent as the have a support top that hold in your stomach flab, well until it go's :)

  • Good to know. At £4.99 gotta be worth a try!

  • Very skeptical about bras that are sized 10-20 or S/M/L. I'm curvy - meaning narrow back and rib cage but larger cup size. Lots of British women do this. They buy bras that are too big in the back and too small in the cup. A properly fitting, fit for purpose sports bra can be pricy but worth the investment and your neck and back will love you for it.

  • I suspect you are right. Might just get one of the Lidl ones for yoga and Pilates though. I usually just wear normal bra for those but a little bit more support could be in order!

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