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5k one run early

Bit of a lurker

Followed programme on physio advice - nasty ankle injury and building it back up by walking/running on playing fields has helped. I was surprised how hard the early weeks were but also how quickly you make progress - I had faith in the programme and made the seemingly big jumps.

Haven't used podcasts but gymboss trainer instead - allows me to give some attention to dog who runs with me.

Feeling good today so decided to push a bit. 5.08k in 30 min

Graduation run will probably be a 4.5k hobble

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Well done! I have a bit of a niggly ankle which catches me sometimes with certain movement's, the cause harps back to the 1970s and wearing platform fashion shoes with 4 inch heels, and ricked my ankle a number of times on them... but luckily it's OK when running, I'm careful to watchout for uneven ground & potholes especially when hidden by grass.....

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Oh Dave - that conjures up some great images!


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