Thank you C25K

Just pinching myself to make sure this is real and it is.....I am about to go on a summer holiday for a second year .... as a runner!! I haven't broken any records , haven't improved much on my time running 5K but I don't mind. I think I have come a long way after 30 years as a smoker and now over 2 1/2 years as an ex smoker (and with COPD as a result,) but I am happy with what I have achieved and I thoroughly enjoy every minute of running. I only wish I had started running when I was 16 instead of starting smoking! Thank you C25k!

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  • Not many of us will break any running records in the traditional sense but that Sounds like a great achievement to me!

  • Congratulations for perservering Trish. I wish I had got into it as a young girl too, still better late than never and I suppose we can try to get the young people we know out there and trying it except of course they'll know best - just as we did!

  • Lovely post! You should be so proud of your achievements. Hope you enjoy your hols and find somewhere nice to run!

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