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Spam via HealthUnlocked

I received a spam mail this morning from HealthUnlocked to my user name and to my registered email address from obviously this is a faked from:

But considering its from HU and my name, to the correct address that I only use for a select couple of sites - the site database looks like its been hacked.

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There's some posts about this earlier today.

Admins are 'on it' but if you can scroll through and find today's earlier posts there was a 'what to do' mentioned.

(Sorry, I don't know how to highlight links)


There was a whole load of spam (about 8 pages of the stuff) on this forum this morning and coming in all the time. I made the mistake of clicking on one of the posters to see if she was a real person. Then it occurred to me that may have been very foolish - how to catch a virus. I haven't received any spam emails yet though - so maybe I got away with it. I will however be paying a lot of attention to what's going on on my tablet in the near future.


Oh, and I'd report it to admin.


I am a web developer by trade and unfortunately these things happen, more often than you might think. I got the spam emails yesterday and this morning too. My advice would be to change your HealthUnlocked password and remove any personal information like your location from your account (better safe than sorry, although if the database was hacked they may already have that information, depending on their intent). Hopefully there might be a statement about what parts of the site got hacked at some point.


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