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W6R2 done

Managed ok had my young lad with me 22 years old he sort of left me behind when it was the first 5 minutes of the 10 minutes run but then gave up before the ten minutes was up. He couldn't do the second of the ten minutes run then told me he is unfit.

I managed to run both ten mins non stop now I'm readying myself for W6R3, I must sort out Laura's choice of musics though I just cannot run with them I know if I keep with her musics I will definitely fail the rest of the podcast and abandon the whole thing.

Good luck to all doing W6R3 next.


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went off to fast silly boy. You can do what you want now music wise as it all running now no walks. I use shealth on my phone to set the time and that tells me when to stop. Other apps will do the same if you have a smart/iphone.


Doing well - can show those young limbs a thing or two!

I must admit that once the walk breaks stopped, I started to use my own music so I never made the acquaintance of the infamous 'Julie'.


It's a rite of passage. You have to endure the music until the end otherwise you haven't really graduated 😉

Well done on the run.

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