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Week 2Run1

Laying out my running gear before I go to bed is a great help. And it means that I can get out without disturbing anyone else. The run went well and I think I was running the last one rather than just jogging. I tried, but I have not mastered, the breathing technique that Laura describes.

Yesterday I went for a gentle cycle ride. The highlight of which was a puncture. Luckily I had taken the repair kit with me.

Looking forward to Wednesday and my next run.

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High Nightingale I am finding control of breathing difficult too. I just try to take deeper slower breaths rather than shallow ones. I am hoping this will become more natural as I get fitter and progress through the programme. Keep running! (said in the style of strictly)


I also like to have my kit ready to go. Today (or last night) was the very first time that I didn't do it, and led to me messing about and procrastinating for half an hour this morning. Lesson learned. :)

I personally found trying to consciously learn a breathing pattern just felt very alien.

I just try and do it naturally, without over-thinking it.


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