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W9R1- Technically I've graduated!

After my shocker of a W8R3, I left 3 days before heading out for my 3rd 30 minute run last night. I went on a route I haven't been on a while and was reminded how much harder it is to run on uneven grassy fields - you have to lift your legs so much higher! I much prefer an earthy track.

Pushing through the first 2k, I was shocked when I looked at Strava and was on 1.9, could have sworn it should be 2.9! The last time I was in these fields was around week 4 and I could remember how I had to really struggle to finish my intervals. It was encouraging to see how far I'd come. Around about 3.2k I was feeling strong again after my sluggish initial 20 minutes. I looked at the clock and figured I might be able to get a sub 30min 4k in. As I went back onto tarmac and through the village I really pushed hard for the last 600m. Nearly made it - 30.08, which I was really pleased with. I do like running with Strava - it gives me something extra to do so I don't get quite as bored…little targets work well with me.

So that takes me to 3x 30minute runs so technically I've graduated! I accidentally skipped a couple of week 8 runs just because I felt I had more in me but I'll do another 2 before I bring out the trumpets :D :D Just to check I can definitely do it!

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you've done 3x30 minutes of running, I think that qualifies as graduation. Congratulations! You've come a long way. :-)


You've done it!!! Congratulations on your graduation!!!! 🏃🏃


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