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Week 3 Day 5 (2 extra days)

So after missing 2 runs out on the first week I am now back to the correct number of runs and can officially start Week 4 on Monday.

I need some advise please I have a problem that I believe is Achilles Tendonitis having done some research on the Internet. I had the same problem when I was at the gym a few years ago.

I invested in a 'proper' pair of running shoes after researching on the Internet and wore them today.

I know it can be down to running style but I struggle enough trying to manage my breathing , keep running and not falling down a pot hole so I am not sure I can change my style.

It definitely didn't get any worse today and if anything seems better than my last run.

I don't want it to stop me running so what can I do to help it get better - any ideas greatly received.

Thank you

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Hi I'm about to start wk4 after repeating wk2. I get sciatica badly, due to back issues which after too much walking on run days off did for me and I was on pain killers for longer than I can remember. I then got some decent running shoes which were for high arches. (They had a machine a bit like you have for measuring kids). I couldn't get anywhere for the gait analysis which I think many would advise and I'm sure would be the ideal if you can. Well, my point is that since using them I have not had any issues with my back at all. Someone here, I'm sorry I forget who, commented that he had more difficulty with walking than running and he had sciatica issues so I persevered. I have, until this last run yesterday left two days rest just in case, but I was fine yesterday and although it's a rest day today I have been very active all morning(having well deserved cuppa now!) and normally my back would be a little sore. So... I would trust your new running shoes, maybe take 2 days break and play it by ear. Especially if it felt better today. Good luck!


Thank you. It's so hard as I don't want to miss running but then I don't want to aggrevate it so much I can't run. I will rest tomorrow and see what happens Monday morning. Good luck to you too.


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