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Completed Week 2

Well finished the 3rd run of week 2 this morning.

For some reason I struggled, I still did it but not 100%. However thinking about it on the way home I remembered that I had been out with my closest friends and had 2 pints and a curry. Might have to change the run days from Mon, Wed and Fri to Sun, Tues and Thurs if this is going to become a regular thing.

Anyway heard what I am doing next week so I might be on Week 3 for more than 1 week but leats see how it goes.

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What do you mean I did it but not 100%? Of course it was! Put the negative feelings away! Ignore them! Great effort! well done! Keep it up Andy, keep pushing on but slow & steady! You can do the programme on what ever day's you like, what suits you, as long as you have the rest day..😊

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Its more of me not feeling 100%. Yes I did it and proud of completing it, just needed to have a clearer head before next time.

Can not drink lagers anymore just do not like the taste of them but a dark Real Ale is beautiful.

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Ah, slight hangover! I prefer a nice pint of real real ale to, never been a big lager drinker, gives me headache, don't mind a Beck's, Corona or Peroni etc sometimes though.. but tend to use moderation more now and go for quality instead of quantity!

I always drink plenty of water directly after drinking alcohol to flush it through, especially if I'm running the next morning..😊


If I got through a run any old how, that was 100% for me. You did it, heck be proud of yourself and move on to the next.


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