My first 10k πŸ˜ƒ

I have graduated from here very recently in the first week of may... my best 5k then was 30.27... I wanted to get it under 25 minutes. So I have started nike advanced 5k program which is for 2 months. I had my long run today n I was worried I have never run that long. Kept the pace very easy and surprisingly I ran 10k in 65 minutes. That's huge for me as I was barely running 90 seconds 2 months ago...

Keep going guys...


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  • Wow, you are so fast! Running 5k in 30 minutes is not going to happen for me any day soon. Congratulations on the 10k in 65 minutes. Amazing. You've come so far and yet your running journey has just begun. πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

  • I have registered for a half marathon this October.. The training begins only on 25th of July... considering that my journey has not yet begun πŸ˜‰

  • It doesn't have to happen until, and if you want it...:)

    Just look at me, graduated at Christmas... here we are in May, and I am happily poddling along at 7K or so in 50 mins!!!!

    You running journey, as I say many times is yours....on your own oath, there are no footsteps to follow... and it is fabulous! :)

  • That is fast... and in just over two weeks from 5K... wow.

    How was the run for you? Did you find it easy?

  • It was a very easy run I dint push myself for a single minute. Just kept going. I actually started doing 5k's from week 7 run 1... so by the time I have graduated I had run 5k 9 times. May be thats the reason I found this long run easy.

  • Okay!

  • that is fantastic, I am currently in week 8 and running 5k in 30:30. I am planning to consolidate the distance over the last week and then will start on 10k training Are you finding the Nike advanced 5k easy to train with. 10k in 65 is amazing especially that quick well done keep us posted on progress

  • There are 2 other plans as well, the beginner and intermediate one. The main reason I chose advanced over other 2 is because of the long runs. I have registered for a half marathon this year and wanted to be used to them before I started that plan. Hence the advanced program. It isn't very tough but there ll be 5 runs per week, 1 day cross training and 1 day rest.

  • That's excellent. I'll be interested to hear how you go on the Nike plan, keep posting! I've got 4 runs left and I always swore that I'd be happy to maintain 3x 5k runs. Now I'm starting to think that maybe I'm tempted to go a little further. I won't manage it so soon though!

  • I want to finish a marathon before I am 30. Hence all this hard work. If ur target is to run 3 times a week I see no point in changing it. Happy running πŸ˜ƒ

  • Congratulations but be careful. That sounds like a huge step up from 5k. Is that programme for beginners? I graduated nearly three years ago and still consider myself a newbie. Too much too soon only leads to one place.

  • Thanks for the concern.. the mileage seems to be manageable to me if not too easy. It starts at 25kms and peaks at 40k per week. Long run starts from 10k and goes up to 16 in the peak week. Overall I m not pushing too much, so seems doable at the moment.

  • I agree, with you...I must admit, I ran 5K in the ninth week before Graduation ( more by luck than judgement),, but stuck at that, and some shorter runs, for a while and have only just reached 7K+, but then, as a slightly more mature runner.. I err on the side of caution.. always :) This chap is a lot younger than me!

  • Less than half ur age to be precise πŸ˜‚

  • Now, now... no need to be THAT precise... :) I am no THAT old :)

  • Well done. That's very impressive.

  • Still a long way to go :)

  • Wow!!!

    Well done :)

  • Thank u :)

  • That's a very good and time for a 1st 10k 😊well done

  • Ohhh that is such music to my ears and well done you, you are inspiring me. I did wk3/r1 today and was totally panicking that I was to run for a whole 3 minutes in one go so to see someone doing 10k in less than 2 months really is amazing - thank you.

  • Happy to be inspiring someone πŸ˜‚ jus follow the plan... it works... might not be this fast or may be much faster. But it works for sure πŸ˜ƒ

  • That's brilliant progress! Well done!

  • I'd KILL to be able to run 10k in that time! Well done I can see you doing marathons very soon! Brilliant effort how lovely that the c25k programme found your inner runner!

  • Thanks for the kind words :)

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