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Plugging away

Having got excited with my progress last week, I had to take four days off running.   I've not been feeling quite right with a combination of a temperature and an aching leg.   I'm not entirely convinced I'm under the weather instead I think either the weather or hormones are having a laugh around my body.   I say that because in the change of seasons I often struggle with a sore leg as, following a blood clot, my veins seems to be sensitive to temperature change which can be fun during Spring and Autumn.   But equally so I fall into the age bracket where hormones flair different aspects for life.

But today I pulled the running gear back on and decided to redo W8R3.   I made it.   The internal heating system is all to put, but I'm upright, nearly ready for a shower, and just writing some of the pieces of work I will need for this afternoon.

Who knows maybe Week 9 will rear its head on Friday - although I'm tempted to give myself an extra week 8 and then move on confidently next week.

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Good for you on getting out. Your leg sounds bloomin' painful but you've done it. The change of seasons really does a number on me too but more from headaches and hayfever although the hormones also have a crack too. 


I do think the weather plays a big part on how we feel on a run, so it might be a combination of factors for you. I think you should move on. You've done week 8.


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