A late run

So after the non-running blues (https://healthunlocked.com/couchto5k/posts/133540934/missed-a-couple-of-runs-and-then-this-happened...) I _had_ to go out and I thought I would wait till it stopped drizzling, then tea... then kids put to bed and before I know it was 9.00 - far too late to go running in a large muddy field without any street-lights on a dark, cloudy and drizzly  night.

Except if I hadn't I would have really regretted it. So I went and managed another 5K - yeah for me! :-).

The most interesting thing (apart from that horrific crunch of snails and that slight lurch of the foot when you have just helped spread some fertiliser) was not how easy the run was (it wasn't), but how 'normal' it felt. It was my 5th or 6th 5K and I started to anticipate where I would start feeling tired, how long before my legs would start to ache, when I would 'find my stride' etc. It was very....comforting I guess.

I am still (deliberately) going slowly (43 minutes) - this month is all about 5K consolidation.

So, a nice rest tomorrow and then another 5K. I am tempted to start varying my runs with a bit of speed work but I am going to resist. Whilst this run has started to feel like a familiar buddy, I still want to cement things in a bit more.

And to those people who _don't_ pick up their dog's little presents, come say hello and have a slap in the face with some dog-*** covered vibrams - nice and squishy :-)


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9 Replies

  • Its great how it becomes normal and necessary to run, but still feels amazing that we can actually do it, at the same time!

  • Exactly this!

  • Well done for getting out there and getting rid of those running blues Yatesco but I'm sure Rig will have something to say about getting puppy slush between the toes of your vibrams.

  • Lovely!!💩💩💩

  • Sounds as though a head torch should be next on your list of running kit.

    Commiserations about the dog poo... then there are the seriously weird people who bag poo but don't take it away. Perhaps easier to spot but very messy if accidentally trodden on and burst.

  • Yuk !

  • Welcome to the running addicts crowd ;)  Sounds like you have a good plan. Well done.

    Happy running :)

  • Well done getting out. I'm 'lucky' in that I can get out with minimal juggling and haven't had more than two rest days between runs but I too have seen myself out there past 9pm. My back starts to ache in a friendly 'prompting' way and I just 'get it done' ;)

    I clearly don't have loads of running experience but I reckon this 30 minute/ 5k consolidation is crucial 'for the likes of us' and really is just setting up our new 'normal'.

    I have 2 family members who started running same time as me- end of Jan'- but they didn't do c25k. My niece is technically faster but is already fighting injuries and my s-i-l is finding longer solid runs near impossible. I've advised her to try c25k or to look at the Jeff Galloway technique as it may suit her better but she's not done so yet so her interest will likely wane.

    Meantime I've taken my 5k plods on to 7k a few times now (as well as my one-off for now 10k). 

    Point being, I know everyone is different, but the regular slow and steady seems to just get it ingrained, builds your legs/heart/lungs and seems to have been very sound advice from others :) 

    The dog plop situation is ridiculous and as a dog owner and having son in a wheelchair it completely enrages me that it gets left on paths. Cleaning between the toes of Vibrams or in tyre treads is NOT a fun way to kill time!

    Good luck, keep going, doing great out there :)

  • I started the 5K to 10K app tonight. Liking the structure back again but will do it slowly ie twice a week and a freewheel run for 5K once a week I think. 

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