To rest or not?

Good morning lovely people. 

I don't know what's happening to me, I'm sitting here on a rest day wishing I hadn't done W2 R3 yesterday so that I could go out today. Yesterday evening I pushed myself to go out in the rain, thinking I mustn't let the weather be my excuse. This morning the sun is shining and I feel the pull to start W3. 

My question is - how important is it to leave a day inbetween sessions especially at the early stages?


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10 Replies

  • I wouldn't recommend it. I only skipped the rest day once - I think it was in the beginning of w3 - and I ended up with a very tight and sore calf muscle. After that I had to pause for three days. So it really wasn't worth it.

  • Haha. Good morning to you too!. It is a lovely day and I'm just off out for my run too! - I think the rest days are important because it is easy to get a little carried away and perhaps not recover as much as is optimum between sessions. Why not go for a walk? Walking is a great way to aid recovery and build aerobic capacity for future runs ... :)

  • Thank you. I will heed the advise of those who are more experienced than me.

     I think I'm just a little too impatient, wanting to run before I can walk so to speak. I will start W3 tomorrow and think how all those runners in the marathon had to start somewhere. 

    Have a great day all. 

  • Thank you for the insight. Don't want to risk anything that may stop me, even for a few days, I'm not sure I would start again. 

  • It is a very strange thing that we go think and dream of the next run, when we are running we are asking ourselves why we are doing it and after the run we feel amazing about ourselves.  On rest days, we think about, read about and pour over the running forum yearning to go on a run.  Rest days are essential going through the programme to allow recovery, prevent injury and then even when we have graduated, we are often working towards new goals in speed or distance and we need our rest.  I have followed the C25K pattern of 3 runs a week, graduated now and run 10k once a week and 2 X 5k and a,ways observe rest days without any injuries.  You can a,ways swim, walk or cycle if you have excess energy to burn, just rest ur precious running legs!  

  • so true, it seems to take over, either running, thinking about running,being on this forum looking at running kit online, planning routes, was even at a concert this week and found myself thinking I could be out running and this is disrupting my running routine!

  • Just remembered something else, when I am out in the car and see a footpath or track, wonder what it would be like for my running adventures, a real obsession!

  • I once sat in a train, gazing dreamily out of the window at the gorgeous, hilly landscape passing before my eyes and I could see myself leaping lightly and gloriously over those hills, running parallel to the train. Just a daydream, I've never been able to run lightly and gloriously, but it always makes me smile when I think of it!

  • I have enough difficulty hill walking, I'm pretty certain I will never be a fell runner!  

  • Me neither - but I can dream!

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