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Jarred ankle japes

Morning All, I'm after a bit of advice.. Yesterday I proudly donned my new running trainers for a quick test drive - literally a short walk to our nearest shop. As I was showing off and generally being an idiot for my other half, I managed to run a few steps and jar my ankle. It was that sort of immediate pain you get when you stub a toe badly, it wore off after a few minutes but was enough to make me stop and curse! Obviously there was no warm up as I was just pratting around! I can't stress how funny/stupid this was but I'm now slightly concerned having read all the advice threads on sprained ankles. There's no swelling, bruising or even pain (now the morning after). At worst it's a bit stiff. Still, I was hoping someone might have had experience of this before, not quite a sprain but enough pain to stop you in your tracks? Any advice/remonstrations welcome! I soooo want to get out and run W2 but don't want to make anything worse in my running ignorance! Argh!

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If it isn't hurting to walk on, do a warm up. If it's not hurting then, go forth and run like the wind, Bullseye!

As for the other thing: hopefully you have learned your lesson. The Gods of Running hate people pratting around, especially when it comes to something as sacred as new running shoes, and  will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger those who show off in idiotic fashion. I'd be grateful you got away with a jarred ankle and weren't turned into a pillar of salt (runner's sweat-salt!) or something.

Running iz srs bsns, ಠ_ಠ.  As the young people say.


This is a perfect response, I shall go forth and wear the idiot badge with pride.. Pray that the Gods be merciful for W2R1!

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