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Advice please

Hi all  

Hope everyone is fine and dandy this evening. Not posted for a bit as I have been busy doing my 3 runs a week consisting of the C25k plus  podcasts.

Just back from doing stepping stones which went ok but had the strangest cramp and pins and needles in my left foot which I haven't felt before. Did the usual 5 min warm up/ warm down etc. Not sure why this is bit it lasted a good while and was quite off putting.

Back.home  and done my post run stretches which I found  difficult  too.....surely I shouldn't  be feeling this stiff immediately  after a run?. I could honestly hardly bend my legs! Not helped by a frisky  border terrier who thinks it's time to play when I get on the floor to do buttock stretches lol.

Maybe just having an off day today let's hope it doesn't reoccur with my next outing.

Also, thinking of investing in some mid range circa £50 -£60 trainers, is gait analysis a must? Been doing some research which suggests I am a moderate over pronator so require support trainers and a wide fit I guess. Do you have to go for the next size up too? 

Sorry for all the questions  thus far I have been wearing my son's old karrinors size 8 and I take a 7, no complaints  but suspect my achey knees would welcome some extra support.

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I'd say if you are going to buy new trainers and have the option of getting gait analysis then you have only to gain from doing so. It doesn't oblige you to take the advice.  On the other hand if there is nowhere local to you that does it, I wouldn't worry. It sounds like you are fairly clued up re your feet and your analysis is unlikely to be far out.

Size wise, depends on the shoe/model and how far you run. Some shoes fit truer than others. Google  Brand/model sizing  and you will be sure to find specific advice from other runners. If you intend to increase your distance to 10k and  beyond then I would go half a size up as a matter of course to allow for swelling of feet.

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Thank you Rignold for your advice. Don't think a 10k is on the cards any time this century! Will do a bit more research before I invest. 


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