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Maps of routes

I have decided to map the routes I take and share them. I find it useful to know how far and where I've been. The nice thing about being in the country is I am able to vary the route so that I can have easy and hard days. So far I have a killer run (120209 and 120213 routes) which after 5 minutes walking and 90 seconds run and 90 seconds walking climbs steeply, and yesterday I found it took 3 minutes to run up the hill! Knackered - yes, satisfied with the achievement - most definitely.

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Great idea to map your routes, I take the same route each time, sometimes it varies a little depending on how fast I'm going! I live in Torquay (built on 7 hills) I try so hard to avoid running up them, but it's virtually impossible to avoid them:( Anyway have mapped a couple of routes and am doing about 2.6 miles each time, I am now on week 6 run 2, so wish me luck with those hills!!!!


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