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W2R3 - sore calves!

I finally did it, ran on a work day. Week 2 is now complete!

For some reason I found this run quite a bit harder than the other week 2 runs, probably for a number of reasons:

I'm not used to getting in from work and having to run, all my other runs so far I've done during the day on days off.

I got a cramp-type pain in my calves. Started off as a niggle in run section 3, by the last run I was really struggling. Pain stopped as soon as I stopped running each time, although they do feel slightly achy now. I am wondering if it's because I haven't drunk enough water today - can this give you cramp?

Oh well, on to week 3!

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Yeah, I get this too - calves and feet get really crampy which feels worse when I slow down to do the walks in between the runs!

I just put it down to lack of of use of those muscles, as I have a really sedentary office job. I'm hoping it will get easier as the weeks go by.....


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