Achybreaky calves

Oh dear, just got in from W8R1 - I did complete it but my calves really ached all the way round and when I stopped to cool down I was almost limping - only for a couple of minutes and it soon settled but it does take any pleasure out of the run. Hope this gets better with time. I don't think it's my speed - pretty sure I could walk faster, probably just my age….on the plus side my breathing was no problem at all. Onwards and upwards. 

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  • Stick with it - you are so close now!

  • Thank you - it's a great programme, I'm looking forward to joining the graduates!

  • That's the way...slow and will do this.🙂

  • Thank you Oldfloss, you are an inspiration. 

  • Tee hee..thanks.. You go for it🙂

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