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Thanks Laura & Sami

Thanks to Laura I achieved being able to run for 5k.  Over the last year have managed on average 3 runs a week mostly around the 6k level with a couple of runs over 10k.  At the beginning of March I started a b210k program mainly to push myself out of the comfort zone I had settled into.  Knowing my time for 5k there was no way I was going to achieve 10k in 60min ( wk5run3).  I only start timing my run after the warm up walk, then stop my Garmin before the cool down walk therefore only record the actual running time.  From day 1 I ran during the cool down music, then had a walk.  Last Friday I set off for the final run,  knowing that I would have to go longer than the hour kept a slow steady pace.  After an hour I was still short of 10k, so kept going so instead of running for 60mins ended up running for 77mins.  Then had a 20min walk uphill home. Believe it or not slightly disappointed with my time although I had run over 10k.

On Monday of this week I started of again on wk5r3, determined to improve - after about 15mins running the heavens opened followed by sleet and strong winds so turned round and headed home.  This morning it was raining again, but looked like it was getting lighter so headed off.  During the warm up walk I was mulling over the run of last Friday and wondered if the pace was too slow so thought that I should try going faster with longer strides.  Even if this only lasted a short distance it was worth a try.  Amazingly when I reached the 5k mark I had knocked 20 seconds of my best ever time.  Was enjoying the run until the wind picked up and large spots of rain came down, this was at a point where I can detour off to miss a steep hill but adds on 3k to the run.  Went for the shorter option, even though this meant walking for about 15mins up hill.  Must be something about warm up and cool down walks that makes my brain cells work overtime as I started to think how to run up the hill.  A "new" training program was called for. Run for 20sec then walk for 20sec, continue like this up the hill.  Even though I had just run for 8k and walked for 5min,  off I went and made it up the hill.  Got home before being totally drenched.

Ok did not manage 10k,  but did achieve a PB for 5k, also have worked out how to tackle my nemesis "The Hill".  When I downloaded todays run and checked the months statistics was delighted and really proud of myself to see that for the month of March I had run over 106km.  Thanks Sami. Roll on Friday and April.

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Wahay!  Well done ☺

Sami podcasts rock! 😊


That's a lot of kilometers! Well done!


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