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WK6 D1

Had a great session today after the 20 minute run last week

I ran faster than normal and saw the whole session to the end

Only problem I seem to be getting since week 5 is tightening in my calves, to the point I feel I may have to stop - any advice on how to get rid of this pain ?

Other than that feeling strong

Cant believe 6 weeks ago the 1 minute runs were a push/ strain and now I'm running 4k in 35 minutes

feeling strong!

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Well done Jarv, it just goes to show how good the programme is, and our determination to complete it.


Stay slow!  Slow running is key to this. You need to stay safe and free from injury. If your calves are twanging then slow down!!!!

You might feel strong but you will come a cropper if you don't rein yourself in.  You can run faster and worry about times and distances after your Graduate.  For now just run slow and finish each session. Finishing is everything.  


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