Voodoo Flossing

We did another fairly intense little session today: 400 and 600m fast runs with sets of 50 air squats and 25 push presses inbetween. It was murder on my calves. By the end they felt like they were going to burst.

So the sports massagist voodoo flossed my calves for me afterwards. This involves wrapping a long rubber band, like a bicycle inner tube, really tightly around the affected part. And I mean tight. It feels like all the circulation has been cut off. Like having the inflatable cuff thing on when you have your blood pressure taken. Then you do some squats, lunges, calf raises, walk around a bit, which is a weird sensation when it feels like your feet are about to drop off, and then take the wraps off again. It's very quick. a couple of minutes at most. The theory is that forcing the muscle through the movements, tightly wrapped, breaks down all the lactic acid, scar tissue and other crud, then when you release the tension, blood rushes back and washes the rubbish away, and bringing nutrients for growth and healing.

This was the first time I have tried this, although it is something Kelly Starrett goes on about a lot in Supple Leopard, and the result was really impressive. My legs feel really loose and relaxed, no soreness or even tiredness. Will see how they are later, but seems a very useful tool for the recovery arsenal, and not nearly as painful as the foam roller.


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9 Replies

  • Crumbs! Don't know what sounds more alarming -the workout or the post-massage treatment 😱 Have you considered Juicyju's Epsom salts baths as a less hardcore alternative? Oh, wait a minute, you're Rig, of course you haven't considered anything less hardcore 😄

  • Not something to try at home I imagine!!

  • Au contraire. Very easy to do at home, in the office, on a packed commuter train, in a toilet cubicle at the supermarket.

    Have just ordered myself some


  • Wow I want one!  Looks like another running related item for my birthday wish list...

  • The name of the device of torture says it all!

  • Tee Hee, only you Rig, only you :-)

    Sounds like its working so far anyway ! :-) xxx

  • You took the words right out of my mouth - only Rig!

  • Ha ha, it's an education on 'ere! We now know what Voodoo Floss is.  I wonder if we could weave that into a conversation.  

  • I love your tags - only you could include 'Murder' :D  I must try harder.  So far all I've managed to come up with are Worry, Walk and Running.

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