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Hi everyone

I completed my 5k three weeks ago and now I am going for my 10k goal. But I still think I am running so slow and the 10k seems so scary. I have been out on my bike and discovered how far the 10k is and I am not sure how to get that far without injuring myself. I have no support and I feel like giving up but I have signed up for the Race for Life on 15th May. Should I start doing the full distance part running part walking or do two or three days small runs and a the full distance once a week. Look forward to your help and advise.

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It's not clear whether you have completed C25k. If you have then you will understand the need to build up gradually. There are loads of training plans to get you up to 10k but many of us just did it by ourselves, increasing one long run per week by the recommended 10% of your weekly total distance. Keep doing another couple of shorter runs each week and as long as you don't stress about it, you will soon get to 10 k, with time to spare.

The beauty of 10k is that there is no need for special training, planning or preparation once you can manage it comfortably and it is a satisfying distance which doesn't leave you worn out for the rest of the day. Remember that a lot of your battle is psychological. You can do it.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Hey there

Well done firstly on managing 5k ... and as for speed, I would say just try and put that out of your mind. Moving up to 10k is totally achievable but you have to be realistic about your goal ie is it to complete the distance or to achieve a certain time? If it to make the distance then it really doesn't matter how slow you run it.

There are lots of views about how to move up to 10k, there is a Bridge to 10k section here somewhere which may help. Personally, although I don't have a specific event in mind, I'm working my way slowly to 10k by increasing one of my runs by 0.5k each week and doing this a couple of weeks on the trot. Keep consolidating the 5k distance and you'll eventually find a happy pace for that which will naturally become a little bit faster over time but for a long run you need to pace it slowly.

My weeks consist of a 30 minute run, a 5k run and then a slightly longer one which I'm currently at 7k with. I did an 8k last week but it was obviously too much too soon so have stuck with 7 and will do 7.5 for my longer run next week.

Overall, no hard and fast formula but for me, the main thing is to keep consolidating your core distance of 5k and stretching yourself slowly to avoid injury.

Best of luck and I'm sure there will be lots of other ideas to follow here but you're running and doing it. Keep us posted :-)


Right..Like It's reply.. I am wondering have you Graduated...?

As he says, the C25K is so structured and progressive, and that is the key to its success.

Were you running 5K or more by the ninth week.. or just ,as the programme intends running for 30 mins?

Have you been building up and maybe using extension training podcasts/apps, if you feel you need them?

E.g I graduated at Christmas, running the 5K in the ninth week ..( more by luck than judgement really,) and am building up very, very, slowly.. only now up to about 5.8K... ( illness hampered my progress).

So..my advice, since you have until May is slow and steady.. do you post on the Bridge to10K site...they give great tips and advice, I have only just started posting on there and had some great advice all ready.

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Thank you for your advice Yes I have. Completed my c25k I did my 9w3 in style in Tenerife three weeks ago but not got my graduate status not sure how I get it. Also when can I find the bridge to 10k site and can you recommend any apps with music which is as good Laura


Hi, To get your graduate badge, you need to go to pinned posts graduation badge March, once you have posted your achievement, you will get your badge, and well done for getting this far.

You will find the bridge to 10k forum by going to my communities at the top of this page, browse communities (search bridge) and hey presto there it is. Once you have registered you can toggle between C25K and bridge by going to my commiunities and selecting which you are interested in at that time.

Bupa do a plan to work to 10k which is a sheet you print off their website, also asics have a 10k plan (I've not tried it), this is more interactive. There are also various apps that can be downloaded (I use itunes but I think their are free ones about as well), but most people tend to stick to their own music once they have completed the C25K podcasts.

Don't feel alone, there is still loads of support on both formus although I've found some of the discussions and replies from the bridge community get very technical, which is a bit beyond me at the moment.


You do have support! US. We have a 10k bridge to 10k community right here ☺ click on Communities and join us

First thing. Stop worrying. There is no pressure. The journey to from 5 to 10k is great, and probably the best progression in running you'll make

Have you run the C25k+ podcasts yet by the way. If not I would deffo download and run those inside out before starting on bridge to 10k. They are still with good old laura and are free to download here


I built up gradually one longer run to 60 min, doing 2 x 35 min. Now I run 2 x60 min a week, the other run I use the c25k+ podcast stamina to get me running a bit faster on the shorter run. I've just tried the 16 min speed podcast and am going to insert it in both my longer runs to break them up and get speed up a bit. You can go about it any way you want but build up gradually. I'm also running my first 10k run in May.

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Firstly Don't panic ! If you're already doing 5k you have plenty of time to get up to 10K by mid May. My advice is to do one 'normal' 5k run per week, one shorter run where you include hills or short bursts of speed 3-4k and one longer run per week 5.5k,6.0k,6.5k,7k etc, increasing the distance of the 'long run' a little bit every week. You should then be able to do the 10k in May with no problem. Good luck with it.

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Thank you for your help and support


hey, you got your badge, doesn't it feel good!

Did you manage to find the bridge to 10k forum?


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