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W6R1 I concur!

So I was excited after doing the 20 min run and like so many people thought this one would be easy. However after reading the posts was disappointed to learn how hard people found it. Wondering why this is? Is it down to expectation. Smaller runs easier than 20 mins? I usually have a two day break but I was out of sync last week so didn't get that. Tbh Dont think it would have made a difference. Anyway I'm exhausted and going out walking with a friend tonight. We'll just do a short walk. Too tired to do any more.

Hope you're all well :-)

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Well done for getting through it! I think a lot of people find it harder because it's back to intervals and somehow that seems more difficult after running continuously in the previous run. We're also a bit euphoric after the W5R3 run and maybe start off the next one a tad too fast. But in any event you've done it!


Yes I definitely started out too fast I think it's a case of slow down!!


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