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W8R3 An out of body experience

Today I completed the last run of week 8. It's a lovely day here cold but dry with lots of signs of Spring around. I chose a lovely route which I had been planning, I've been looking forward to today's run. I can say that today I got into a good rhythm and actually felt like a runner. As I was going round the route, one I am very familiar with from walking the dog, I couldn't believe that this was actually me in my body doing this and feeling so comfortable. It was great. Week 8 has been a mixed bag, the first run felt awful and was something I just endured. I took my daughter on the second run which is a tactic I use when I'm struggling as having her along is a great motivation. The condition that she put on joining me was her choice of route. It nearly killed me because the first half was all uphill and I really felt quite ill by the time we had got to the top and the second half had some quite steep downhills which bring their own challenges. Nevertheless I was pleased because left to my own devices I would have avoided this route for sometime but it obviously did me some good. Can't wait until Tuesday now for the first of week 9.

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That was probably fantastic training for what lies ahead. Your daughter is made of stern stuff. Don't think I would ever choose such an uphill route.


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