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Weak after donating blood

Last week I completed week 9. Hurrah!

Then I gave blood on Thursday and it's really set me back. Didn't run at all since, though I did cycle. I feel quite weak. My blood count was at the lowest limit before I donated too. I am intending to start a 10 k plan but feel quite discouraged this Monday morning. I thought it would take 24 hours to recover.

Any one have any similar stories?

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Usually I'm fine, but many years ago I was at the lowest limit for donating when they did the pin prick test (I was having my time of the month), they took another sample and tested it properly, and said I could donate. Well, I wished I hadn't on that occasion , I felt completely drained after...I seem to remember being ok the next day though.


That's wha happened to me , I was 118 then 125 when a second test was done. Obviously too low. Spinach and eggs for tea then !


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