W4R3 done. Yippee but is lower back pain normal at this stage?

Hi everyone. I last posted after W1 and since then I have stuck to the plan. Been experiencing all the highs and lows as others (it's inspiring reading them) but I haven't read about anyone get lower back pain, particularly at this stage. This week I've developed a pain in lower back, right of the spine close to buttock. It doesn't go down the leg. It's not too painful but I'm wary of pushing through the discomfort in case I'm doing more harm the good. I run on soft-ish paths, have good shoes and try to not to hit the ground with my heel. But now I have a constant niggle/pain, particularly when walking. I would so hate to be forced to quit because this C25K is just so rewarding. It's made me do things I would never have believed myself capable of including getting up at 7am to get my runs in when I knew I had to work late, or even running in freezing cold rain. I'm like a new person :-). But is my back pain normal, like shin splints (which fortunately I've been spared) or possibly something more serious? I read that W5 is a biggie and would so love to try it. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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5 Replies

  • I have just completed WK3 and it took 3 weeks because I had DOMS and then had a bad back which started on the left where the pelvis joins the spine and then it spread to right along to the hip and then the same on the right had side.. I used frozen peas and a TENS machine and now it's fine. Hope this helps. 💊 Don't like using pain killers to control the pain more natural methods... 😉

  • I agree. I don't want to take painkillers either. If my pain is due to the muscles (I now know what DOMS and a TENS machine is, thanks) I'll give it a try. Hope you're feeling better and can keep on running.

  • Funny thing was the other week I had my TENS machine on while watching TV and they were in some football ground talking to a Physio and I saw a guy sitting on a bench with pads on his knee.. So even the pros use them. 🤗

  • Not uncommon at all. Weak core is usually the problem. Increase your strengthening exercises. Squat more. Plank more. get an ab mat and do situps with your knees spread and feet facing each other to open the hip flexors. Rule of thumb is if you can't plank for 2 minutes you have weak core (yes, I know. That was my reaction too).

    Also you mention you are trying not to heel strike. Forget that, Heel vs forefoot is a vexed question but certainly at this stage of the game you will be doing yourself more harm than good trying to change your natural footfall. Laura's advice on this is the one chink in her otherwise flawless armour, the fly in C25ks ointment.

  • Thanks Rignold. You've nicely reassured me. At least it's something I can work on. I can easily believe that my core is weak!

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