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Week 8

Thanks for all the really positive feedback after my last post a few weeks ago. I've now finished Week 8 at parkrun yesterday with my first pb for a month. I've not managed to get out during the week recently as I'm back at work full time, but hopefully a few quiet weeks and daylight in the evenings will make a difference. I'm still on course for my 50th parkrun next February- completed 10 so far, only missed one week since I last posted when an emergency vet visit took priority. Week 9 c25k to come- I've coped with the 28 minutes runs, so I'm hoping the 30 minute runs shouldn't be too much of an extra stretch. Running with between 200-300 other people works well for me as I can keep pace with others at a similar level of running while still keeping Laura in my ears. Well done to everyone who has made some progress in c25k in the last few weeks.

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Well done! Hat off to you going for park run and very well done on your PB. Sounds like you'll said through week 9, go for it! :)

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