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Finished week 6!!

Hi everyone hope you've all had a lovely week! I completed run 3 of week 6 last night and it went really well! Still got a stitch but it wasn't as severe as it has been and I think not stopping running prevented it from getting any worse! Manage to not stop once during the running and kept going through the warm down so in total ran for 30 minutes! Feeling really proud and looking forward to week 7 next week, I've downloaded strava so it'll be interesting to see my pace and the distance I've done now I'm on to just continuous runs!!

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Well done! I also finished week 6 last night. I got 4km exactly including my warm up walk. Not ready to move faster yet. I graduated ages ago but life got in the way so now I've started at the beginning again. I'm using a treadmill now but it's soooo boring. Roll on the lighter nights when I can get outside.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks! Good to know someone else is making the same progress- good for you for getting through the programne again! Im looking forward to seeing how far I've run next week :)


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