Couch to 5K

Hello again

I'm jumping back on the waggon lol. I failed miserably last year when my knee went I missed a couple of runs, then it rained and I found myself just making excuses not to run. My fitness level has bombed and I've piled on so much weight over the winter. I still don't want to run in the dark so I'll only be committing to running twice a week instead of 3 but I figure 2 is better than 0!

I've recently got a new phone and have yet to download the app, I know laura is amazing but I found the app was rubbish. The timings were always off no matter what I did and to be honest that was another reason why I stopped...see another excuse lol

So any recommendations for an app?

Thanks x

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You can download the nhs couch to 5k podcast from iTunes, most people who've tried the app experience the same frustrations as you but the podcast is much better.

Well done for getting back out there and whatever you can do is great. And the nights are starting to get a little bit lighter now.

Good luck! 😀👏👏


I don't know what phone you have but you can download the podcasts in mp3 form straight from the website if it helps. Thats what I did and I have no problems with them. Good luck :)


I had an iPhone now I've got a Samsung. The c25k app always had errors. More than once I ended up doing a 20 minute warm up.


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