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Hi everyone, I've got a question about orthotics. Several people on here have mentioned that this would be a good idea and I'd like to know how to go about getting them fitted and how much they cost. I haven't yet bought my new shoes (have resisted temptation and clever marketing blurb). My feet are fairly good for ancient lady of 54 although I do sometimes get corns and I don't want to make this situation worse. Do I go to podiatrist? Or is it a sports clinic thing?

any help gratefully received x

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My hub has them for collapsed in-step. He went to the local foot clinic/specialist. They cost a lot (£200ish I seem to remember??) But well worth it as he wears them every day in every shoe and trainer - including running. It has really, really made a difference.


thank you! I didn't know they could be used in any shoe. it sounds like a good idea even if it is pricey. the clinic I am looking at won't do them though without doing a bio-mechanic gait assessment. which is more money on top but I suppose it's worth it. I am going to podiatrist later today just to make sure all else is working.


I would only bother if you think you need them. I have very flat feet as do my mum and my daughter, so for us they are needed to get better alignment of knees, ankles etc to avoid all sorts of aches. When I went to a podiatrist he filmed me walking on a treadmill and did some other assessments. You can have a look at your stance/gait in the mirror to get an idea or maybe ask your gp if you don't want to pay for a podiatrist on the off chance.

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the physio I went to last week for the knee pain said my knees turned in because of weak hip muscles - I thought that orthotics might make for better alignment generally. I'm very aware that running is such a new thing for me and that my joints, muscles and ligaments aren't used to this sort of exercise! (in fact they had been used to no exercise)


Hi Shiny,

I think it may have been me who suggested you may need orthotics. I'd echo what dagshar said above - you should get them only if you need them, but given what you've said so far, it's something worth investigating. And yes, it can be a pricey business. Although BUPA won't cover the cost of them, they may cover the cost of consultations, so if you have private health insurance, that's another thing to consider. And maybe ask your GP for a recommendation on podiatrists and/or sports clinics.




Hi Shiny

Have you thought of getting your gait measured which will let you know how much you need orthotic insoles? You can get it done at the Sweatshop for free - its really good they test you running on a treadmill and can see how much your foot goes in/out when you run. You have an option to buy the insoles from this which cost about £40 and will also give you an idea of whether you need specialist trainers or good old standard ones. (Its amazing how differently fitted each make of trainer is).


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