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Stretches? What stretches...


Got back from my run this morning and my wife chirpily asked what stretches have I been doing most...

Well, I answered, the App didn’t tell me to do any so I assumed the 5 min warm up and 5 min warm down was instead of stretches?

She’s a trained nurse and at that point her jaw dropped and she gave me that look when I’ve done something stupid. Again.

So that was the wrong answer.

She then showed me some excellent stretches which felt like they were really helping and I wondered if anyone else has made the same mistake?

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If you read the guide to the plan you will find links to stretches for both pre run and post run.

Kar43 in reply to IannodaTruffe

IannodaTruffle are we meant to do the stretches straight after we stop running or after the cool down walk?

I've been doing them after the cool down walk as I get home. My walk is usually 30 mins instead of 5 at the moment as of distance to where I now run.

Also I missed the part where it said to do lunges before the run 😳 obviously I was speed reading through that. No wonder I hurt my hip on previous week 🙄

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Kar43

Post run stretching needs to be done while your muscles are still warm and pliable.

I rarely stretch pre run, but it is useful in colder weather or if you have particular muscle groups which need warming up.


OMG no stretching! no wonder your wife gave you the look :-) but now you know!

Jay66UKGraduate stretches either except the “calves on a step” ones a few weeks ago 😱

alisonxGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

what! i can't take this :-) get on board my friend...feel the difference

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to alisonx

I know I need to...


Guilty m’Lord, I assumed that the podcast would have said if I needed to stretch. But then I discovered this forum (a lot later than you) and a link with advice on stretching and printed off the pictures. I am now a good girl and do this after every run. 😇

I never have done any pre run exercises 🙄I'm on w8 today too so I now I know why I've got hip pain since a couple of weeks ago 😳

I did notice my legs needed/wanted longer than the 5 minute warm up walks though so I started doing minimum of 10. I also mentioned on here about my legs needed longer warm up walks but no one clicked to ask me if I'd been doing the pre run exercises.

Better late than...... 😉


No stretches here either (week 8), although I do tend to do a longer warm-up than just the five minutes and always do at least double the 5 minutes cooldown.

I thought I'd read that you specifically shouldn't stretch beforehand because your muscles were cold?

Edit - Just been back to read Iannodatruffes's guide to C25k and yes it's all in there - dynamic stretches beforehand when the muscles are cold, static stretches afterwards. Gonna start giving them a try...

UpdcreativeGraduate in reply to HoagyM

Thanks HoagyM, I better go and do the same - I graduate on Sunday and after that I’m on my own...

Sutsha in reply to Updcreative

See you graduated earlier than planned. Well Done! I knew about stretching from my gym days, particularly that static stretches before are now considered a bad idea. Did this for years as it was what they taught. The stretching really helps. I was picking up all sorts of minor niggles and the stretching swept them all away. Sore shins, front of my ankles...I could go on. Thought I needed new trainers, laces too tight, wrong insole, turned out it was just too much too soon on cold muscles. Laces were a bit tight though. I now use the heel lock lacing method and it really helps. Trainers feel like an extension of my foot. Good luck with your consolidating runs and next steps.

kaz56Graduate in reply to Sutsha

Heel lock?

Sutsha in reply to kaz56

There's a few videos around and this one is as good as any.


I'm actually a bit shocked that you're meant to do stretches, I thought that's what the warm up walk was for. I've used 3 different programs and apps and none of them instructed pre or post run stretches! Will look into this absolutely!

EmpemGraduate in reply to Hannah337

Me too...have just done the walks ( and an hour's Pilates every week) so I'm resisting ..oh dear It's good to see this thread though...

Actually, while there is nothing really wrong with post exercise stretching and if you enjoy it, carry on, but there is actually no evidence to support it having any effect on either soreness or injury.

There is a lot to be said for doing proper mobility work 2 or 3 times a week, like yoga etc but the post exercise stretch is a bit of an old myth.


I stretch after every run. I like the mindfulness of the routine, and personally I find it easies muscles and joints. I also do yoga and Pilates sessions weekly, not just to aid flexibility and core strength, but again because I like the mindfulness of these disciplines including the breathing techniques involved. My son is a qualified trainer and yoga teacher who travels the world delivering teachings and retreats in yoga, meditation, mindfulness etc so I have had terrific and informed tutorage.

With regards post run stretches, do whatever is right for you or take advice from a qualified expert.

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